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You Didn’t Create Your Financial Situation! However, They Want You Too Believe You Did!

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Is struggling financially something which you can inherit?​ Or were we programmed for failure?

If your parents and their parents struggled financially! Now you’re struggling financially. Need I say more! Do you continue struggling, with the likelihood of transferring this dysfunctional financial trend on to your children? Or do you stop the madness and start a new financial trend which leads to financial success?

Within the African American and Hispanic communities this subject matter must be addressed. Within our early and throughout our academic stages of life more focus should be emphasized on personal finance responsibility rather than outdated financial scheme.

You get the life you want, by making the life you want!

So who are they you ask? The very companies, industries, and wage gap which created the financial crisis and the process of financial suffrage. The banks, non-affiliated government entries, and wealth inequality along racial, ethnic lines.

I attempted too keep it brief! However, sometimes being the bearer of bad news requires not pulling any punches.

List of largest banks in the United States


The top five banks inception was before this country was even created.

Chase From Sept ember 1, 1799, to 1955, it was called The Bank of The Manhattan Company (New York); after a 1955 merger with the Chase National Bank (which existed separately from 1877 to 1954) it was called The Chase Manhattan Bank

Citi The company history dates back to the founding of: the City Bank of New York (later Citibank) in 1812; Bank Handlowy in 1870; Smith Barney in 1873, Banamex in 1884; Salomon Brothers in 1910

Bank Of America The history of Bank of America dates back to October 17, 1904, when Amadeo Giannini founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco. The Bank of Italy served the needs of many immigrants settling in the United States at that time, a service denied to them by the existing American banks who were typically discriminatory and often denied service to all but the wealthiest.

Wells Fargo 1852: Henry Wells and William G. Fargo (Mayor of Buffalo, NY from 1862 to 1863 and again from 1864 to 1865), the two founders of American Express, form Wells Fargo & Company to provide express and banking services to California.

The Bank of New York Mellon The Bank of New York was founded by Alexander Hamilton on June 9, 1784, in the old Walton Mansion in New York City. Due to local politics, it wasn’t able to procure a charter until 1791. The President of the new bank was former Major General Alexander McDougall and the Cashier was William Winston Seaton

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Most U.S. consumer credit information is collected and kept by the three national traditional credit reporting agencies: ExperianEquifax, and TransUnion. These organizations are for-profit businesses and possess no government affiliation.

Equifax was founded in Atlanta, GA, as Retail Credit Company in 1899. The company grew quickly and by 1920 had offices throughout the US and Canada. By the 1960s, Retail Credit Company was one of the nation’s largest credit bureaus, holding files on millions of American and Canadian citizens.

Trans Union was originally formed in 1968 as a holding company for the railroad leasing organization, Union Tank Car Company. The following year, it acquired the Credit Bureau of Cook County, which possessed and maintained 3.6 million card files.

Experian In 1996 GUS plc acquired the US credit reporting business Experian, formerly known as TRW Information Services, from Bain Capital and the Thomas H. Lee Partners and merged it into CCN. During the next ten years, Experian broadened its product range to new industry sectors, beyond financial services, and entered new markets such as Latin America, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe.

Remember Bain Capital (​Mitt Romney)

Wealth inequality has widened along racial, ethnic lines since end of Great Recession

The Great Recession, fueled by the crises in the housing and financial markets, was universally hard on the net worth of American families. But even as the economic recovery has begun to mend asset prices, not all households have benefited alike, and wealth inequality has widened along racial and ethnic lines


It’s a combination of both inherited and programmed to fail. We were set up from day one! African Americans and Hispanic population never had a chance.  ​

All I need is three 3 minute to impress you further. Do you want out of your financial struggles? Or do you want more of the status quo?

Thank you everyone for engaging and sharing your thoughts. All the best! Be safe in you travels.

Let’s stay in touch!


Credit Coach Tyrone


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