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Walmart Stock Tanks; Walton Family Heirs Lose $41 Billion!

Happy Monday 186
Should one feel sympathy for Walmart?
Part of me wants to say yes! Another part if me wants to say____ Walmart!
Considering some of my former employers have behaved equally or even worse than Walmart!
@UnitedAirlines my first job in the states after leaving Germany and Military Service. (Army Honorably Discharged Twice) Manipulation, deception and undermining attitude amongst the ranks. Senior fight attendants are vicious. I must say the training was excellent! I never felt more capable of disembarking an aircraft in an emergency. United prepares it’s flight attendants to get the safety job done.
@Chevron There was truly nothing wrong with working for this employer! Pay sucked! Because as with all companies keeping wages low was industry standards!
@OldNavy Staffing issues, inventory concerns, low wages, hours, holidays. This is a retail outlet. If you’ve worked in retail you know all the challenges.
@RiteAid Now take all the challenges from above and add 65% of it’s shopping population are seeking medical attention in one form or another. Your not the Rite Aid! Your the Wrong Aid!
Mervyn’s an iconic brand primarily Midwest and West Coast. This brand had issues! However, partnering with @Target and Sun Capital Investment was ultimately their demise. Hey Target; Sun Capital Investment How did you convince Mervyn’s leadership, who out right owned all its retail property too give it up and pay rent? The store I co managed went from $0 rent to $120K monthly. Explain? Mervyn’s heirs, I know of a great little company which could assist you in a little pay back! Mine!
@Petco Animals Come First! Only when it’s in the budget! If you love your animals please do your parenting duties and ask questions. If you walk into your favorite pet store and it doesn’t smell inviting. Ask why! If you head over to the  fish department and you find black algae covering the tank displays; the back wall! Ask why! If you walk the stores and you see out everywhere! Ask questions! @Petco has standards! However, not all their managers do!
@Comcast @NBCUniversal The parent company of Universal Studios Hollywood Can you say dysfunction! The company doesn’t know which hand it eats with or which it used to wipe it’s a__ with! You hired a retail professional to manage your  8th under preforming location on City Walk. I ended up turning around your #2 and #3 locations shattering all prior years numbers. Your about amusement! However, the only thing amusing is how management overlooks the care of it’s associates.Wages, Hours, Unions, Sick Days you get it!
Least and most definitely the last! @SASRetailers When you hire a retail professional understand one will not compromise his values, because you do.  I’m analytical because I see through the bullsh__! Your little operation is not living up too what you’re charging clients. @Alberstsons  if you’re having IPO problem now. How do you plan on meeting investors expectations if you continue to allow vendors like SAS Retailers to undermine your business?  SAS Retailers I have some travel pay question I would like to discuss with you concerning your California workforce. California Attorney General Kamala Harris could truly use your assistance in this matter.
So should we feel anything for Walmart, United Airlines, Chevron, Old Navy, Rite Aid, Target, Sun Capital Investments, Petco, Comcast, NBC Universal, Universal Studios Hollywood, SAS Retailers or for the matter any US corporation who loses billions or market share?
Years ago I would have said yes! We need these companies!
Today, I say NO!  Solely because of what I know and have learned about these companies, our financial systems, and our government in relations to the interaction which they have with each other that affects the consumers.
We will keeping seeing articles like this over and over! Or we can course correct. We can finally tell Washington, we will do our part if you can do your!  No more obstruction! More compromise!
Happy Monday 188
The only one I truly feel for is Mervyn’s and it’s employees. A great brand which should be operating today.
Suffrage continues because because we don’t share! We get through this brings more relief than I get through this.
70% of our closest friends and family suffer financial! Largely because we come across something which could help and we fail to pass it on!
I know my business brings to the table real financial benefits to those struggling financially. If I can’t, I’m sure someone within my network of entrepreneurs, small business owners and working professionals combined, we have the solution which has eluded you thus far.
Your success depends on what you do! Who’s going to care of you better than you?
Enjoy your day everyone! Be safe in your travels!
Happy Monday 187
‪Credit Coach Tyrone

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