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Das Hubris


Don’t attempt to dazzle me with your so called brilliance! While you baffle me with your BS!

Are you serious! Are you really serious! So you want to give consumers money to remain loyalty after your actions have proven you can’t be trusted!

The hubris to believe consumer are so ignorant!

What is the percentage of $2000 dollar on a new 2015 Volkswagen? Average price a new car buyers can expect to pay $19,056. That’s 10.5%!

We gave you 100% of our loyalty and in return you give most of us 0% when we had concerns or issues which required your attention. To make matter worse, you decided not only to deceive my country, but the rest of the world with your emissions shenanigans!

If I may speak for all which you have so politely ignored! (I’m being facetious!) You were by no means polite!

10% is not an apology! It’s an insult! A slap in the face! This play book is old’ outdated and will not be tolerated!

Volkswagen‬ @VW Audi‬ @Audi @vwgroup_en & Galpin Volkswagen‬‪ CEO‬ of Volkswagen AG Matthias Müller‬, ‪ ‎Michael Horn‬ President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, ‪#Scott Keogh‬ President, Audi of America, Dr‬. Christian Dahlheim‬ President and Chief Executive Officer, VW Credit, Inc.

How ignorant do you believe this consumer is now?

Volkswagen Reports New Records in Unit Sales, Sales Revenue and Earnings in Fiscal Year 2014

The Volkswagen Group improved its earnings strength again in 2014 and continued along its qualitative growth path despite major economic challenges. With sales revenue of EUR 202.5 billion (previous year: EUR 197.0 billion) and an Operating profit of EUR 12.7 billion (EUR 11.7 billion), the Group generated record highs. Read the entire article:…/info_center/en/news/2015/02/V… I’m sure if we went back year over year, we would see nothing but profit, profit, profit!

I told you Volkswagen I could be an asset or a thorn! You chose thorn!

The real truth is! I still want to asset you in rebuilding your image, reputation and brand! I don’t believe you’re a horrible auto maker or brand! I do believe you had and still have criminal elements within your organization and industry. Executing unlawful antics and undermining consumer confidence, with such behavior on your behalf which is doing irreparable harm in the interim to this brand. Which you will over come, but at what cost to your reputation and market share!

Market share held by selected automobile manufacturers in the United States in 2014…/us-market-share-of-selected-auto…/

Are you happy with just under 4% of US business! I’m not!

Social media I need you yet again! I clearly didn’t get my call or email! So, I’m back, and I will be back every day until Volkswagen’s leadership does the right thing.

Lastly Volkswagen, you can thank Galpin Volkswagen for this Shawshank Redemption approach to answers and solutions. Only they can tell you why and how they allowed this situation to escalate to this.

However, they can’t be trusted! Be mindful of that when addressing them!

Before you get it twisted Volkswagen! I equally hold you responsible because you allow them to operate with impunity while baring your name.

I await you email or phone call!


Credit Coach‬ Tyrone Glover

Happy Saturday 296


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