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Dear Church Leaders, Parishioners, and Families

Introduce our Credit Data Protection Service and Credit Restoration process to you and yours

My name is Tyrone Glover and I’m a the CEO / President / Credit Coach / Accidental Consumer Advocate of iLife Credit Protection Service. We are a Consumer Credit Data Protection / Financial Fitness Gym looking to expand our business reach to the Yonkers, New York area.
Here are some important numbers about this great country and city in which I was born Yonkers, New York. Provided by U.S. Census Bureau: Quick Facts United States, Yonkers, New York
I am writing to you today about a problem that affects millions of people in church congregations around the country; bad credit. Because of circumstances beyond their control, many people have acquired negative credit profiles that have put them in financial distress. Bad credit is keeping many from realizing the American dream of homeownership and financial independence.
iLife Credit Protection Service and our partners, Financial Education Services, and United Credit Education Services have developed a process by which we work with consumers to research outdated, inaccurate and unverifiable information on their credit reports. This service has the potential to help many of your parishioners improve the quality of their lives. We realize that churches are powerful organizations that can reach people from all walks of life and that many church leaders are doing great work in communities nationwide. That is why we would like to introduce our Credit Restoration process to you and your staff.
Please allow me to give a couple of brief examples of how implementing a solid credit restoration program can benefit both the church and its parishioners. We realize that over 70% of church members may not be able to pay tithes and offerings on a regular basis because of overwhelming consumer debt caused by higher than average interest rates on their house, car, etc. For example, if someone with a poor credit profile purchases a home at 10.5% interest and a car at nearly 20%, most of their income is going towards paying these high-interest rates. By going through one or our many programs, that same person can improve their credit profile in 3 to 12 months and qualify for lower interest rates. This will reduce their monthly expenses, giving individuals more disposable income and the opportunity to reduce other debt, invest and to increase tithes and offerings.
We believe we are creating a financial ministry and that eliminating credit problems allows motivated, hard working people to achieve financial freedom. We have the potential to change people’s lives by educating them about the responsible use of credit and how it can be used to build solid financial foundations for themselves and their families.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss the process in detail. I can be reached at 805-428-9424. Thank you for your consideration and I will look forward to your call.

Best regards,​

Tyrone Glover

CEO / President / Credit Coach / Accidental Consumer Advocate

iLife Credit Protection Service

Consumers Credit Data Protection / Financial Fitness Gym

Cell: 805-428-9424

Company Website:

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