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Why The Bernie 2016 Message Could Be Just What #BlackLivesMatter Needs!

Bernie has the perfect financial message! However, neither Bernie, Hillary, Mark nor Lincoln has the ability to deliver the message effectively to minorities.

Could it be true, Dems have taken minorities for granted? Could it be true, Dems haven’t been true stewards to all constituents?

Things which  make you go hmmm!

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I respect the Black Lives Matter concepts! However, the hurt in the message is being received by those who seek revenge, not justice.

If the direction for your message doesn’t change, I believe black lives could become more the problem then the solution.

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What is it, Black Lives Matter don’t get about Senator Sanders Financial message?

Current Financial Structure Plain and Simple!

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The success of any business or brand depends on how the public views that business or brand.

I was told to build something you believe in — because that’s the first step to building a great business or brand.

I created iLife Credit Production Service because the need for credit, credit repair and most importantly the need for understanding credit. How credit impacts our every existence has been undermined by the greed of a select few.

Underserved and underprivileged area have been misled and deceived into believing this notion they are not worthy of the same opportunities as their counterparts. The saddest part to this notion is that the counterparts believe they are better off.

Newsflash you’re paying more for your financial good, services and opportunities as well!

Opportunities of fair housing, proper banking and lending, equal opportunity employment, meaningful legal representation, lasting and sustaining medical or health services just to name a few!

We have elected official’s who care more about reelection than their communities. Year after year, decade after decade elected official’s have failed to properly serve the communities of need because they don’t know what the communities in need truly need.

Elected official’s we don’t deserve less! We don’t want more than we need! We’re demanding equality!

Citizens and Elected Officials, I give you iLife Credit Protection Service
Consumer Credit Data Protection / Financial Fitness Gym

Our institutions are failing because we don’t stand up to or hold accountable those who have allowed it to fail. We allowed intimidation and manipulation to dominate the real conversation. It’s going to take real solutions to correct our many consumer financial issues and concerns.

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