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Bad Data! A New Income Inequality and Wage Gap Concern


Are you at risk because of your data / information?

How your data / information is viewed by decisions makers is more important than you know because of technology and algorithms.

About 70% of the population, largely people of color are not making it pass the application process.

Should you make it past the application process your ability to earn compensation worthy of your education and experience level has also been met with obstacles because of technology and algorithms!

Welcome to iData Protection Services

Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street. This could be prevented if we Protect The Credit Data! Improve The Credit Score!

We are more than a credit score!

Credit does play an important role in our lives. The scores generated is less important if the facilitators of the information are not forthcoming, unethical, illegal and only motivated by greed or profit.

If we as citizens, all citizens don’t require immediate reform in the area of how our data / information is viewed. The application process in which participants undergo and the many obstructions which deny most people of color from the many opportunities this nation has to offer. Income inequality and wage stagnation will continue to dominate the conversation while little in the direction of reform will follow.

Protect The Credit Data! Improve The Credit Score!

There is more than enough to go around! I can show you how!


Are you ready for real conversation and real solutions?

New Report Predicts U.S. Wealth Transfer of $59 Trillion With $6.3 Trillion in Charitable Bequests, from 2007 – 2061. Additional Lifetime Giving of $20.6 Trillion.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Financial freedom and financial stability are only a phone call or a social media connect away. What I can show you about your bad data and how it is impacting your financial directions will not only surprise you it will, it will change the way you view your financial standing.

You may never meet your financial needs with all the financial pitfall and roadblocks which have been constructed to prevent mostly people of color from true financial freedom and stability.

Protect The Credit Data! Improve The Credit Score!  A new financial reality awaits! 



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