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My Letter to Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman of New York

Good Day and Hello Eric Schneiderman,

My name is Tyrone Glover

Happy Hump Day 6

I’m not sure how I should address you. Sir, AG, Attorney General, Eric or Mr. Schneiderman! Please forgive me if I have not used the proper format. I mean no disrespect.

I’m veteran and a minority small business owner born in Yonkers, NY. I was a foster child, turned soldier, turned executive, now entrepreneur visionary.

I have to say I’ve enjoyed watching you work. Your crackdown on businesses abusing laws and getting away with it is the #1 one reason I’m contacting you today.

I served the Army in the 69th USAFAD in Europe. I was one of the youngest supply sergeants without the rank of sergeants because I was that good. Command inspection and company readiness were my specialties. I was damn good too!

I would have remained a soldier and retired as one however I was given an others opportunity which I could not pass up! To learn, travel and experience the world as the military promised, just not with the yes sir, no sir, and fatigues.

I remained in Europe for nearly 13 years. Did I have the best time and worst time of my life? Yes, I did! However, I wouldn’t change a thing. Not one minute!

I made my way back to the states after my marriage split by way of Hawaii, Chicago, and Philadelphia and landed here in California where I currently reside In Woodland Hills.

California is not very friendly in my opinion when it comes to taking care of employees, consumers, and small businesses. The abuses I have witnessed here is breathtaking and it pains me to see my fellow citizens in harm’s way.

I don’t want your help, Eric! I need your help!

The reason I started my business?

The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym was to create consumer awareness and protection along with financial education and wealth building.

This is a Consumer Credit Protection Service business. What I do and understand about this subject matter is mind-blowing. Give me 5 minutes of face time and I will amaze you.

Neither financial education nor financial literacy has been at the forefront for nearly 60 to 70 percent of the citizens in this country.

What I’m referring to is real financial education and financial literacy education. Balancing a checkbook and budgeting is important. One still needs a much higher understanding of the financial system and how to avoid the pitfalls.

We have put so much attention on a score that we have drop the ball on how this score is generated.

A score is a collection of data and information. Some of this data and information as statics has proven is incomplete, outdated or inaccurate which could harm your score causing you to pay more for you financial good and services.

1 in 5 Americans has an error so significant on their credit report which could prevent them from opening a bank account, buying a car, buying a house, employment or getting insurance to say the least.

Did you know you could be credit invisible?

Blacks, Hispanics have a percentage twice that of Whites and Asians of being credit invisible. This is a problem which has plagued those communities for decades.

Interest rates for minority business owners are nearly 4 times higher than that of white business owners in this country.

Addressing the issue is not enough. We must act!

My business had developed a plan which attacks the problem head on. No side stepping! If we are to stop the bleeding we must stop with the temporary fixes and go directly at the source.

Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies and Specialty Consumer Reporting Agencies, yes there is a difference. The above-mentioned agencies with the specialty consumer reporting agencies leading the pack are the #1 threat to consumers, minority business owners, students, seniors, our military and small businesses, just to name a few. Their reporting tactics has caused more harm than imaginable.

There are only three national consumer credit reporting agencies. Equifax, Trans-Union, and Experian! However, there is some 45 specialty consumer reporting agencies which tailor their reports specifically to their clients request using algorithms to create profit while harming those truly in need.

Check out the CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau article May 18, 2015, Consumer advisory: Fact-check your specialty consumer report. Click on the link consumer reporting agencies and be amazed.

How is this happening? Algorithms!

An algorithm is nothing more than a recipe. By adding or subtracting item from your recipe or algorithm, you can create discriminatory mechanisms which manipulate, deceive, compromise and corrupt the very system it was set up to protect.

These specialty consumer reporting agencies are major violators of consumer federal protection laws. They are known violators and companies continue to hire and use them as resources.

Two big to fail has taken on a whole other meaning!

First Advantage Background Screening has been sued endless times and has paid millions to settle their lawsuits and yet they continue to operate.

If the justice system was set up to incarcerate lawbreakers, this repeat offender should be buried under the prison. The key put in a box and tossed deep into the Arctic Ocean.

Car dealer are my favorite! They use a little loophole in the law to ruin consumer’s credit by running excessive inquiries, which they know will not be seen as one inquiry.

Galpin Volkswagen and Volkswagen USA ran 9 inquiries which were not seen as one, they were seen as 9 individual inquiries. I didn’t find out until it was too late.

My current landlord or shall I call them slum lord ran a background check before I moved into the Pointe at Warner Center early this year. That background check resulted in me paying additional monies to in. Due to the conditions set up by First Advantage Background Screening for Graystar with is the parent company of the Pointe in Warner Center this had nothing to with me the individual more with the profit margin.

There are 168 units in this upscale complex.

Hypothetical: $400 x 130 unit’s $52,200.00 profit for cheating. This may not seem like much, times that by 335, apartment complexes just in Woodland Hills, CA $17,487,000 just for cheating you out of your hard-earned money One could have paid more! Less, I likely doubt it!

Graystar and First Advantage Background Screening in their respective industry are one of the largest if not the largest.

Millions of consumers are put in harm’s way and I have the solution.

I have launched a Go Fund Me campaign currently running. My short term goal is to create 150 credit savvy consumers by summers end.

My long term goal is to break the cycle of wage stagnation and income inequality.

I have $9 dollars in my wallet and less than $5 dollar in my bank account. I have spent all of my savings some 60k over nearly 4 years. I have been unemployed and underemployed because I can’t work for morally corrupt people or companies. Profit is not a driver for me, the security of individual is. I have taken more hits for the team than required because I believe in our workforce, our citizens and that the system works when one understand the system.

Systems were not designed to be broken; they were designed to be improved.

Give me the chance continue improve the financial system and to improve citizens financial understanding. To give back to students, workers, seniors, and our military!

The United States of America and made in America from where I stand is still great and we can be greater.

A financial understanding could greatly improve the lives of all who want it.

God, our creator has given me this mission and I must do as he commands. NGU!

Either employ me or donate to my campaign. I hope I’m not being to forward. You have the resources and I would love to work for you or I can work with you by continuing my mission here in California.

Thank you for your time. Be safe in your travels and all the best to you and your staff. Please continue the exceptional works you are doing for my home state, and please share my content with your staff, friends, family other AG’s and politicians across the nation. Let them know there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Tyrone Glover.

I’ve always wanted to say that! LOL


Tyrone Glover


Happy Hump Day 11


2 comments on “My Letter to Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman of New York

  1. Shafi
    June 24, 2015

    Good Luck TG, Hope Atty Gen/NYS or Gov NYS will care to read your lette
    and you, like millions, will get a resolution. With Best regards/Shafi


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