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The United States of Oligarchy and Anarchy

Happy Wednesday 78

How far are we from the Gotham Reality?

I was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #74 


Definition: System governed by a few powerful people.  Ruled by Elite Group!


Definition: A system in which any cohesive principle, such as a common standard is absent.  Chaos; Ruled by Nobody.

The Gotham reality of Oligarchy and Anarchy are more prevalent today, than ever before.

This country use to have hope!  Hope has been gunned down by big business, industry and government.  The rich, the powerful, their greed is pathological and it has run rampant, eating citizens alive.

What happen to freedom?  Where citizens had rights and majority ruled!

What happen to individual freedom, self-empowerment for people, where every vote mattered?

Oligarchy is stripping away every liberty this great country was built on.  Leaving us the citizens in a path to the inevitable!  Anarchy!

How much longer do you think citizens are going to stand for over policing, income inequality, civil right abuses, and willful ignorance of state and federal laws?  Government that is bought and paid for by special interest groups!


How many announced GOP candidates, have a billionaire backing their campaign? 9

That is 9 too many!

Honestly, GOP candidates, do you really think you can buy the Presidency? You cheated to get the White House in 2001. Can’t you win the White House on legitimate terms?  No! Hell no!  You are going to use every back door trick; undermined, undertaking you can think of, to take back the Presidency.

My fellow citizens of the United States please follow the issues not the candidate talking points, regardless of party affiliation.  Get to know the candidates and request the candidates get to know you.

Happy Wednesday 75

I leave you with this.

The more you learn about something you don’t know! How much you learn, how it’s being used against you!

Algorithms and big business are not your friends.

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of internet governance and regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute, also warns against humans seeing causation when an algorithm identifies a correlation in vast swaths of data. “This transformation presents an entirely new menace: penalties based on propensities,” he writes in his new book, Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think, which is co-authored by Kenneth Cukier, the Economist’s data editor. “That is the possibility of using big-data predictions about people to judge and punish them even before they’ve acted. Doing this negates ideas of fairness, justice and free will. In addition to privacy and propensity, there is a third danger. We risk falling victim to a dictatorship of data, whereby we fetishise the information, the output of our analyses, and end up misusing it. Handled responsibly, big data is a useful tool of rational decision-making. Wielded unwisely, it can become an instrument of the powerful, which may turn it into a source of repression, either by simply frustrating customers and employees or, worse, by harming citizens.”


We make a big stink, when its government in our business! However, we give big business and industry all our data to use as they see fit.

Have we given the keys to the hen house, to the fox?

Yes We Have!

Happy Tuesady

Be safe in your travels.




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