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Thank You For Your Service


I was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #72

As we bring this Memorial Day Weekend to a close. Enjoy your BBQ, evening meal and holiday festivities. As you give grace, remember the reason of Memorial Day.

I served, because I wanted, not because had to!  I wouldn’t change a thing.

I did however takeaway core principles which I live my life by.  God, Trust, Honor, Courage and Country! These prospective, the takeaways lets me know why I’m fight so hard.

There are industries set on manipulating and deceiving our military, you and your love ones.

I wrote an article PTSD, Suicide, Homelessness, Financially Undeserved! Enough Already! Three days later the .@CFPB only verified; validated, in its own word of course exactly what my article said and what I’ve been saying for years.

This prompted me, with the finding from the #CFPB to write this article  If There Are More Questions Than Answers! It Only Leaves More Problems Than Solutions!

I cannot nor will not let this continue!

Not only are we the greatest nation on the face of the planet. We possess the greatest military ever.

I have provided instruction, for all you need to get started!  Your Financial Life, Is Not A Score! It’s Your History! What’s Your History Saying About You?

You have my name and number to call if you get stuck! Call Tyrone at 888-323-6380 The FEEL Center Project LLC

I wish you all the greatest of Memorial Days. Please be safe in your travels, both to and from.

In the eyes of God we are all our brothers and sisters keepers.




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