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PTSD, Suicide, Homelessness, Financially Undeserved! Enough Already!

Happy Friday 72

When God Closes One Door, He Opens Another!

Wanting To Lend A Hand, Should Not Be This Challenging! Our Veterans Deserve Better!

I Was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #67

I have spent my entire adult life, serving, caring and loving this great country of ours! Now I want to do more!

Before I begin, I want the thank everyone for all the amazing support and encouragement over the last few weeks! Your kind words and ever more focus in the area of Wealth Building, Financial Education and Literacy, validates, I’m on the right path.

Thank you so much for allow me the time to share with you the importance of Wealth Building, Financial Education and Literacy. Our financial future depends on what we do! All lives matter; a secure financial future will make it better!

Wednesday 4/15/15 there were over 230 rallies globally, to bring awareness to income inequality. I had the pleasure of attending one of those rallies here in Los Angeles.

Fight For 15!

I had a great time attending the Fight For 15 Rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday 4/15/15. The overwhelming numbers of attendees at the rally, was truly encouraging.

To those who allowed me the opportunity to interview you! Thank you for sharing your stories!

$15 dollars is just the beginning! This can not be just a moment! We must continue, making this a movement!

The Fight For 15 Rally was a great opportunity to bring awareness to my Wealth Building, Financial Education, Literacy Curriculum and Workshops. So, I set out and launched a campaign to reach 500 people, in 5 days, enrolled into my Wealth Building, Financial Education, Literacy Curriculum and Workshops, ending the day of the rally.

I didn’t meet my 500 / 5 goal! However, that Wednesday afternoon, I was given another great opportunity which has the opportunity to open more doors than I could have ever imagined.

Following the Fight For 15 Rally, I was invited to have a one on one conversation with the Chief Deputy Director Military and Veterans Affairs County of Los Angeles.

I’m proud to announce my business plan; Wealth Building, Financial Education, Literacy Curriculum and Workshop presentation for the Chief Deputy Director Military and Veterans Affairs County of Los Angeles and The Veterans Administration, was received with open arms.

I have been given the opportunity to conduct a workshop, which could lead into further workshops and my dream of a government contract.

This was one of the most inspiring conversation I’ve had thus far, about wealth building, my niche and creating lasting solutions to financial hardships and pitfalls dominating the conversation in this country. The hardships and pitfalls I refer too, applies both to personal and business life.

All this would have not been possible, had I not met a wonderful human being on her lunch break, enjoying the day as I was; willing to engage with a perfect stranger. We exchanged some kind words with each other. I gave her my business card. More kind words and we departed.

Long story short! As I was leaving the Fight For 15 Rally, something said Washington VA! I asking a parking attendant for direction. It was a building, which I had now passed three times.

Moral of the story!

One door truly did close, as I didn’t meet my 500 / 5 goal! Another door did open, which allowed me to present my business to the Chief Deputy Director Military and Veterans Affairs County of Los Angeles and The Veterans Administration

Thank you again, kind stranger for taking the time to engage with me! All the best to you and the boys! I’m sure we shall meet again!

We have some 20 million veterans who have served in the military according to the Veterans Administration

Image provided by the U.S Department of Commerce

Top 5 States where most Veterans live!

  1. California 1.8 Million Veterans
  2. Texas 1.6 Million Veterans
  3. West Virginia 1.6 Million Veterans
  4. Florida 1.5 Million Veterans
  5. Hawaii 1.2 Million Veterans

You can get more statistics at the link provided above!

The point I’m making, is we never know when, how or why things happen. They just do! It’s up to us to listen, respond and act!

I could have headed directly to the Metro and then home! Had I did, this door to the Veterans Administration would have remained closed.

We all deserve financial peace of mind! Free from man-made catastrophes, lies, deception, manipulation and this notion, there is not enough to go around.

Wealth Building doesn’t have to be a dream! Make it a reality! A New Wealth Building reality awaits us all!

Wealth Building, Financial Education and Financial Literacy for all!

Unsure how to get started?

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Thank you again everyone, for the pleasure of your time!

Get Your Financial Life Back America!

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